Lawn Maintenance & Irrigation Systems Based in Livermore, California

Take great care of your yard with the help of CLP Landscaping. Our landscaping company offers everything from lawn maintenance to irrigation system installation to meet your needs. Contact us in Livermore, California, to utilize our services today.

Lawn Maintenance

CLP Landscaping is a full-service lawn maintenance company that does things the old-fashioned way. We clip by hand to give your plants a more natural, aesthetically pleasing look, and offer both weekly maintenance and annual installations to keep your yard looking its best.

Maintenance Services

• Mowing • Edging • Trimming • Fertilization • Irrigation Management


Irrigation & Drainage

CLP Landscaping designs and installations irrigation and drainage systems including surface drains, sub, foundation, and French drains. We choose the right type of system based on the kind of soil, slope, and elevation of your yard along with the type of plants you want to thrive.

Backyard, Irrigation Systems in Livermore, CA

Landscape Lighting

CLP Landscaping also designs landscape lighting including low-voltage and 110-watt options. We add lighting to paths, structures, and posts, using timers or photo cells to turn them on when it gets dark. LED lighting is our preferred lighting because it cuts back on energy use and saves you money on your power bill.

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