Landscape & Hardscape Design in Livermore, California

Transform your lawn with landscape and hardscape design services from CLP Landscaping. We're based in Livermore, California, and serve customers throughout the area. Contact us to receive more information about our services today.


For softscaping, we provide landscape design services including plant layout and lawn analysis and installation for all your new lawn features. We plant trees, flowers, and shrubs, lay sod, and do hydroseeding as needed. Call us to get started today.

Backyard with Waterfall, Hardscape Design in Livermore, CA


CLP Landscaping does concrete and masonry work, including construction for outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, and retaining walls. We have designers on our staff who develop unique hardscape features, and our owner is on-site for each pour.

Additional Hardscape Features

• Walkways & Driveways
• Patios
• Sports Courts • Front Entrances


Water Features

• Reflection Ponds • Koi Ponds • Weeping Walls


Pavilions & Shade Structures

In addition to our regular hardscape features, our landscaping company builds pavilions, which are solid roof structures that are either attached to your home or free standing. We also build shade structures including arbors with red wood, cedar wood, or painted materials to create shade in your outdoor spaces. The coverings are available in styles that match your home for the best aesthetic results.

Call or email us to discuss your landscape design project with us today.